About Us


Aimrite was founded in 1998 when it began constructing trigger mechanisms for some of the finest custom speargun builders in the world. Over the past decade, Aimrite mechanisms have accounted for over ten thousand units in circulation. After perfecting the world’s most reliable and indestructible trigger, Aimrite answered the call to build an equivalent European trigger. Using the same technology that was previously employed, Aimrite sought out to find the most accomplished material experts in the country. The investment in material research has resulted in the strongest, most durable and effective railgun on the planet. Aimrites Venom railgun components are manufactured to exacting standards with repeatable accuracy. Our trigger, which we believe to be the heart of Venom, is proudly Made in the USA. They are Investment Casted from 15-5 Stainless Steel which are heat treated for strength and longevity. The triggers are then electroplated for corrosion resistance. To date, no other manufacturer in the world uses better materials nor builds a stronger European trigger! After assembly at our shop in South Point Hawaii, each trigger goes through a rigorous testing process that includes trigger pull at various test pressures. Each and every trigger is loading and fired to a force of 500 lbs, or the equivalent of seven 5/8 bands, to ensure safety beyond all expectations.

Please note that Aimrite Spearfishing, LLC advocates that the only safe speargun is one that is not loaded. At no time should a speargun be loaded or unloaded out of the water or left loaded for transportation. Always point the speargun in a safe direction. Read and follow all safety information in the owner’s manual provided with each speargun before using the speargun. Aimrite strives to make all of our spearguns and spearfishing accessories as safe as possible, however speargun safety begins with the user.