Where are Aimrite guns manufactured?
All of Aimrite’s guns are assembled and tested in South Point Hawaii.

What is the difference between an Aimrite gun and other railguns?
At Aimrite we have a strict policy never to say a negative word about any competitor’s product. What we will say is we believe in what we build and strive to make the most durable and accurate railgun in the world. It was us that started “Lifetime Warranty” in this industry and we will always do our best to provide quality equipment and extraordinary customer service.

How reliable is your trigger mechanism?
I smile every time I get this question. All I can say is we use the very best, strongest investment casting process known to the industry. We then“test, test and retest”. We do this with each and every gun before it leaves the shop.

How do you honor “Lifetime Warranty”?
Usually no questions asked. Unless the warranty looks as if it is being clearly abused to take advantage of us we will bend over backwards to help our customers. Please see the warranty page for details.

Will we ship Overseas?
Yes providing we do not have a distributor in your area.

How long will it take to get my gun?
Usually our guns go out within 48 hours and warranties stop everything and go ASAP.

Who owns Aimrite Spearfishing LLC?
Aimrite Spearfishing, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation and Rick Bettua is the sole owner. He and his wife Angela operate the business from their home and business at the Hale Koa Ranch in the State of Hawaii.

How do you request Aimrite Sponsorship for tournaments?
Aimrite will make every effort to support each and every “Junior’s” tournament in the United States of America! We will also consider other tournaments as well on a case by case basis. Please send your request early via mail to the address on the contact page.